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Common Medical Waste Disposal

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Easy Ways to Deal with Medical Waste

The most important parts of any medical waste management plan should be following the rules and using the best methods in the business. As long as proper management is maintained, everyone involved in getting rid of biological waste must carefully follow the rules that say where the waste can go and how it can be transported.

Doctors and nurses can get rid of medical waste in a number of different ways, so they can choose methods that are legal and good for the earth. A big choice is whether the trash will be taken away or left there. Second, think about how you will move the trash if you decide to dump it somewhere other than the spot.

When you use our highly regarded medical waste management services, you can rest easy knowing that the finer parts of trash collection are taken care of. Don’t worry—we’ll also take care of everything after the pickup, so you can focus on giving your customers the best service possible.

We Work With:

  • Dental Offices
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Animal Hospitals
  • Tattoo Shops
  • Drug Stores

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Dumpster Sizes

From small to big projects – we got you covered!

10 Yard Container

12 X 8 X 4 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Garage clean outs

Yard-clean ups

Small projects

Small roofing jobs

15 Yard Container

14 X 10 X 4 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Home clean outs

Landscape projects

Parties & festivals

Small & medium roofing jobs

20 Yard Container

22 X 8 X 4 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Large home renovation projects

Siding or deck removals

New home construction

30 Yard Container

22 X 8 X 6 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Lot clearing

New construction

Larger projects

40 Yard Container

22 X 8 X 8 (L x W x H) feet

Ideal Use Cases

Multi-home construction

Large clearing projects